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Is your current Software setup holding you back?

We'll build a fully integrated solution around your existing workflow so you can optimize your operations and grow your business without worrying about your technology becoming a bottleneck...


Are your current systems holding you back? Read This...

Most companies fail to grow for 2 reasons.

Firstly, they don't have proper marketing and sales systems in place.

We can't help you with this one. 

But secondly (and arguably more importantly) they quickly outgrow their original systems, and before they know it they end up with a Frankenstein of a tech setup made up of 50 different off the shelf softwares held together with little more than sellotape. And they spend more time fixing these systems and trying to keep everything running than actually managing the business and serving customers and clients.

And as if things weren't bad enough, these inefficient systems are typically built in silos, with one system for customer support, another for onboarding, another for backend project management, operations, etc. So they end up with 3-5 completely separate systems that don't speak to each other, causing lots of duplicate data entry and even more inefficiency across the chain.

And because they don't have access to all of their data in one place where it is clean and organised they end up making big business decisions based on messy, unorganized, and inaccurate data and analytics or even worse, gut feeling. 

And in many cases, offline excel spreadsheets, physical documents, and neverending email chains are a core part of daily workflows, slowing things down even further.

All of this creates to a business that is inefficient at best, and borderline chaotic at worst, leading to unhappy clients, staff, and investors.

Owners are stressed out.

Margins are lower than they could be.

There's always a fire that needs to be put out.

And everything just takes longer than it should.

But it doesn't have to be this way...

At Tonic, we build a fully integrated seamless software system around your existing workflows (and existing tools), so you can optimize your entire operation and run your business without your disorganized systems becoming a bottleneck that stunts your growth...

A system that connects all of your different workflows into one simple, easy to use, centralized database so you have everything you need at a click of a button.

A system that your clients will love and your staff with actually use.

A system that removes all of the unnecessary back and fourth over email and all of the "can you share that document with me" conversations internally.

A system that keeps you compliant with all GDPR and privacy regulations.

And a system that allows you to run a streamlined operation and removes the need for excess human resources.

So what would this mean for your business?

More bandwidth to take on clients and customers.

More revenue and bigger profit margins. 

Happier investors.

More free time to live your life knowing that your business isn't burning to the ground behind your back as soon as you take a day off.

A business that runs like a well oiled machine with or without you.

If this sounds like something you'd like to make a reality, then click the link below to book in a discovery call with our team and we will take some time to understand your business and workflows and determine if we can help optimize them for you.

I have to stress, this is NOT a sales call, and at no point during this initial session will anyone try to sell you anything.

This is a 100% free, no obligation discovery session, where we can learn about your specific case, and determine if we can build you a solution like the one described above.

If we do feel like we can help, we will give you an overview of what a typical engagement would look like, so you can make a decision on whether or not this is something you can do at this point and. If so we will take the next steps and move on to a full strategy session where our team will dive even deeper into your business.

So if you're feeling stuck, and feel like your existing systems are the problem, let's get on a call and one way or another we'll make sure you're well taken care of.

Our process

Here's How We Will Help

Phase #1

We Get to know your Workflow

In order to optimize your workflow and create a seamless integrated system for your company we must first understand your existing workflow inside out.

This is where a lot of software development companies get it wrong. Here's what this would typically look like: First You explain your workflow to a high level team member, maybe even the company leader, who then explains it second hand to a project manager, who then creates a brief for the team of developers who are completely cut off from you the client. It's one big game of Chinese whispers, so is it any wonder you end up with something completely different than what you needed?

We approach things differently. We've structured our teams so that the person in charge of getting to know your workflows is the same person in charge of creating the solution. This may seem obvious, but I can tell you that this is not normal in the software development space.

Under this structure, our team of developers are involved and in direct communication with you, the end user, and your team, resulting in a much more collaborative engagement and most importantly, a system that perfectly aligns to your existing workflows.

Phase #2

90 Day MVP

One of the biggest issues when you hire tech companies is that it's damn near impossible to get something built quickly, and often by the time the end product is delivered the client isn't happy and it takes months of back and forth (and tens of thousands in additional fees) to get something that is usable.

Again, we do things differently (this is kind of a recurring theme so get used to it). We build you a minimal viable product in under 90 days guaranteed and we iterate from that point forward on a set monthly fee. This way we can make sure you are happy with the direction of the project in the short term and we can better understand your needs as we build.

Phase #3

Built for your team by your team

Once your 90-day MVP is completed, our team will continue to add new features and update existing features until you and your team have the perfect tailored solution that looks, feels, and performs exactly like you want it to.

Want that button moved over there, no problem.

Want that workflow to be updated, consider it done.

Want an analytics chart added to the screen, you got it.

Your team will have multiple rounds of edits to make sure that each department is 100% satisfied and that everyone knows exactly what they need to do.

Don't just take our word for it...

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Meet your new software development team

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