From paper based workflows to one centralized, seamless, paperless system

Our Port Agency service handles a huge amount of information on the ships that we process, most of which had been stored in excel documents, physical documents, and email chains. We wanted to digitize the way we manage ships, and build a system that can handle storing of information, automatic creation of PDF documents, e-signatures, automated emails. We also needed a robust checklist system that lets us track exactly what stage our ships are at, and what remains to be completed. Additionally, we wanted to integrate this with our financial system and scheduling system to remove any duplicate data storage and reduce the operational and maintenance overhead.


  • No paper, stringent documented process, higher engagement/response rates. More self-service actions taken.
  • Much more seamless flow between operations -> accounting for sending/receiving data.
  • Greatly improved customer (captain) experience.
  • One click generation of PDAs -> optimized sales funnel

A Word From The Client

“Some of the things we liked about Tonic: 1. The degree to which, and speed at which, they came to understand the inner workings of our business - there's a running joke that AJ knows the operations better than I do at this stage. 2. The speed at which they built and shipped new features. 3. The overall "no nonsense" approach they had. The team members are all able to read between the lines, so you don't have to be super precise with everything which can get tedious. This makes it a lot more enjoyable to work with them than other agencies I've seen.”

Niall McCarthy
Doyle Shipping Group


Port Management

Short Term Results
Reduced number of manual emails sent between Greenore & their clients by 70%

Long Term Results
One centralized, seamless, paperless system

Niall McCarthy